Model: KD-2331-8
Voltage / frequency: 220V ~ 50Hz
Rated power: 22W
Water tank capacity: 210mL
Spray time:> 20 minutes
Weight: 552g
Gross weight: 828g
Product size: 195 * 100 * 165mm
Packing size: 228 * 150 * 189mm
Spray type: Cool Spray

KD2331-8 Cold ion spray water sprayer has beautiful appearance, easy operation, a large amount of fog, uniform spray. Cold fog through specially designed ultrasonic vibrations inside the machine, fog into ultrafine particles 1-5 microns by pneumatic means fog into the air, humid air and accompanied by rich oxygen ion, calm skin, long-lasting moistring, like in natural forests.

Calms down quickly after sunlight, relieves skin allergies
Moisturizing, shrink pores
Oil control, regulate oil secretion
Refined water molecules, easier to absorb
The nano particles effectively lock water
Penetrates into the skin base, moisturizes
Nano negative oxygen ion sterilization anti-inflammatory
Whitening Moisturizer
Skin enjoys healthy breathing
Quick fog, wait time
Uniform particle fog, thorough care
Quickly cool, to get rid of dry
Automatic dry power-off, easy to use
Warning machine if water shortage
Prevent dry burning to ensure safety

The sprayer consists of a steam generator. The steam generator consists of glass and electrical components, similar to the PL boiler principle, the heating element is placed in the glass to generate heat energy at this time, the water temperature gradually increases in the glass until boiling for the mist vapor is removed from the gas vent, then spray form.

Shipping included.7 days 

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Household Cold Ion Spray Nano Face.


Household Cold Ion Spray Nano Face.

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